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Order Processing

1) All orders must be placed by noon on Friday for Sunday deliveries.
2) All orders made after this time will be ready for delivery  the following week (8 days after ordering).
3) Some exceptions may be possible, depending on inventory and supplies.

delivries  :

1) All deliveries will take place Sunday 7am and 11am. (except for certain special orders and circumstances, contact for more details).

NOTE : Since we deliver delicious delicacies, please arrange to have someone present at home when we make our delivery, to avoid damage from heal, cold, rain, tornadoes, ants, cats, hungry neighbors, etc…

2) For each order delivered, you will receive a photo of your order in front of your door in your mail.

We only deliver and mail on Sundays because :

Papa-tissier (our pastry chef) works in another bakery 5 days a week, and uses his day off (Sundays) to prepare your orders.

We thank you for your understanding.

Return Policy


We do not accept returns.

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