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Bonnin's bakery is a french bakery, you can find us online or on farmer's market


But who are we?
William, alias papa-tissier
Role: Pastry chef
William is the chef behind all the goodies here at Bonnin’s Bakery! All of his goods are made with heart.
With 12 years of experience as a pâtissier (pastry chef).

After 2 years working as a pâtissier apprentice, he left his
small town of Grasse to perfect his technique, a journey that took him all around France (Lyon, Paris, Nice, etc…) and abroad to Norway and the USA!

What does he love most? Croissants, of course!

Role: everything else!
I am our order-taker, taste-tester, inspector of finished goods, web designer, social media curator, customer service representative, and professional grumbler… all with good vibes!
My specialization was in sales, and I have7 years of experience working in bakeries in France in the beautiful region of Bourgogne.

My love affair is with desserts (although you’re very lucky it’s not me making your desserts at Bonnin’s Bakery… we all have different talents, right?).

Bébé Patate Douce… our little Sweet Potato.
Role: Taste-tester. Who do you think decides which products go to market?
She’s an adorable little girl that loves to snuggle and play peek-a-boo, and has dedicated her life to the study of silliness and adorableness.
Her passion is chewing on everything she can find.

As you can see, at Bonnin's Bakery, it's all about family.

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