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The sunday breakfast kit

The sunday breakfast kit

Craving for a Breakfast? 

Now, Bonnin's Bakery delivers in Kennesaw Area (check the 3rd photo for see where we delivery).

Each sunday, get one of our delicious breakfast box right at your door.

The contents of the box will vary each week to allow you to discover many products, each one more tasy than the other.


Please note: 

For choose your jam, i will send you a text once you place your order.

the choice will depend of our stock at the time who you place your order.


Delivery is only available in a specific area. If you are not located in it, you won't be able to  ask the delivery in your check out.


If you want a breakfast box and we don't delivery in your area, contact us per email, and ask if you can do a picked up.


    Price Options
    3 Weeks subscription
    $20.50every week for 3 weeks
    6 weeks subscription
    $20.50every week for 6 weeks
    9 weeks subscription
    $20.00every week for 9 weeks
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